Tonk card game (Tunk) App Reviews

48 add


I paid for this app thru iTunes but everytime I click on the app it wont start up to play the empty app is showing on my iPhone but no game

Crashes immediately

Bought it, downloaded it, then it crashes. What else do you need to know.

Software needs updating

This game is not compatible with new software


How do u win at this game??? I have the three cards of either same suit sequence or three of a kind and I dont know how to put them somewhere to remove them from my hand... Where are the instructions to this game???

Great app

Only thing this needs is multi player mode and Facebook connect.

Havent played in a minute

I dont know anybody that plays Tunk, besides my uncles and aunts, and I hardly ever see them. It made me so happy to see this the app store because I havent played a game in years. Nobody my age seems to know it. Dude, this would be SO much greater if it were multiplayer and had a tutorial (I dont remember the rules too well)! And I think there was an "all under" version, wasnt it? Where you could grab everything from a particular card on up?... Something like that? Oh, and one more, if I could play my iPod. That would be effing sweet. Like... free tickets to ur favorite game with free buffet in a suite sweet.


When winning or losing, is your account charged real money???

Hit rule?

If you lay gets hit dont you have to wait 2 rotations for every card that you get hit with?


I remember playin Tonk in highschool a few years ago, since then havent had anyway to play with really since then but this app does the job. But a Landscape mode would be grately appreciated.


This game is very nice, but has so much potential. - Let us shuffle/pair up our cards - Add 49/50 & 13 less as automatic wins (real tonk) - Show opponents purse - Allow betting options (high/low card) - Make game multiplayer like poker does (allow local LAN/Internet options) - Opponent always holds high (they can drop sometimes with low hand) - Allow opponent to pull first sometime - Incorporate a deal feature Again, great game, with much potential. Thanks

its aight

it definitely needs an update with thee current software

Good game but...

It could be better: - more players please!!...instead of just 1 on 1 - be able to play online with friends!! - 49/50 & 14 or less - being able to determine your own stakes - side bets

Time for an update!

I agree with most of the reviews, it really needs an update bad!!! * 49/50 * 13 and below * more players/online play * side bets * game stakes control

Could be better

As stated below, great game that needs improvements... - opening hand of 49/50 pays double - opening hand of 13 or below pays triple - multi player online & pass n play - stakes control


This doesnt really take your money does it ?!

Good start

As numerous folks have mentioned, needs the rest of the rules implemented. Still fun

Confusing game

When I get a low hand it dont let me win.are can you tell me what doing wrong.if not I would like a refund Im not understanding this game need some proving

Come on update already. Ill even pay .99 cents

If you guys would add all the real rules like everyone had already asked for this game would be great. 5 stars great. But Im at pro. With 4,710. And to tell the truth I have been stuck at pro level sense like 2 grand. Do u get higher rank. Or should I just restart my money and build it up again.

Great App

Great app!! I play it EVERYDAY! Can a Brotha get an iPad version?!?!


Please make the cards larger, and add a little Pizzaz to the lay out, and app logo, other than that great game !!!

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